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Weighing the Benefits of a Continuously Variable Transmission

If you’ve been shopping around for a small sedan, you may have noticed that some models, especially hybrids, come equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) instead of a conventional manual or automatic gearbox. Although CVT designs have been around for decades, they haven’t been widely adopted by automakers until relatively recently. Instead of using… Read more »

All About Car Belts and Hoses

Cars have become so reliable in the past few years that it can be easy to forget about routine maintenance. The problem with skipping this maintenance, though, is that you may end up stranded at the worst possible time. Maintenance failures can also lead to more expensive repairs that could have been avoided by preventatively… Read more »

Gear Up for Spring and Gas Up Less

With the beautiful spring weather often comes not so beautiful gas prices. You may have already noticed rising gas prices in the past few weeks. Whether you are constantly driving the kids to practice or plan to take a road trip this summer, the last thing you want to worry about is how fuel prices… Read more »

Automatic Brakes to be Required by 2022

Automotive technology continues to emerge at a rapid pace every day, with many features that start out as premium, luxury options on high-end cars often becoming the new standard for all cars in just a few years. In the case of safety improvements, in particular, this is good for everyone. It was not too many… Read more »

Learn About Carburetors from this Vintage Film

Most car nuts know that the carburetor is one of the most critical elements of any vehicle, but do you know how it works? Better yet, have you ever had it explained to you by a cartoon character? Well here is your chance! Popular Mechanics recently highlighted a 1935 film, produced and presented to us… Read more »