3K, 5K, 15K? How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

3K, 5K, 15K? How Often Should You Change Your Oil?For the longest time, the common rule for an oil change was doing it once every 3,000 miles. Over the past decade, however, recent automotive advances mean changing your oil that frequently is no longer necessary.

For one consideration, oil life monitors have become more common on recent cars. These sensors actively check on your oil and notify you in the form of a dashboard light when it is time for an oil change, regardless of the mileage on the car. The implementation of this monitor has allowed some people to save money in terms of car maintenance.

Another benefit to drivers is the advent of synthetic oils. New oil blends offer evenolder car models a larger window of use than conventional oil options. For example, some of the most potent blends of oil now offer as much as 15,000 of lubrication, meaning that while these oils cost slightly more than standard oils, they last as much as five times as long.

Last, many mechanics suggest you service your car under the severe maintenance schedule, meaning you should come in and get maintenance work more done regularly than is necessary. Modern engines are more efficient than those built even a decade ago, meaning that maintainance standards have changed, even if mechanics’ mindsets have not. The best course of action is to consult your owner’s manual. Many vehicles manufacturered within the past decade require much less frequent oil changes – often 5,000 miles or more between changes – even while using conventional oils. Check your manual to make sure you’re not overspending on oil changes.

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