Transmission Fluid – When to Flush and Why

Transmission Fluid Your transmission is one of the most important components of your vehicle. When working properly, the transmission acts as a sophisticated system that shifts gears to keep your car or truck operating smoothly. Transmission fluid is the blood of your vehicle – it’s even colored red! – so making sure that the system is clean and well maintained is paramount to keeping your vehicle running perfectly.

Flushing your transmission fluid on a regular basis is vital, although you do not need to have it done as frequently as you would get an oil change. How often you need to get your transmission flushed depends on the type of engine you have and how often you use your vehicle. For manual transmissions, it is recommended that you get the fluid changed every 15,000 miles with heavy-duty use and 30,000 to 60,000 miles for normal use. For an automatic transmission, you should get this service every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

It may seem like a transmission flush is just another excuse to bring your car into the shop, but this procedure is essential to the proper function of your transmission. Why? Your transmission fluid is susceptible to contamination from metal particles that can find their way into the fluid due to the wearing out of bearings and gears. Having your transmission flushed can clear out this debris and even identify failing components before issues become serious. The contamination risk is heightened in an automatic transmission due to the greater level of heat produced.

Transmission fluid is instrumental in keeping the transmission running smoothly. Without fluid, your transmission is running with just the metal pieces inside rubbing together, which will inevitably lessen the life of this integral system in your vehicle.

At Builders Transmission, our mechanics pride themselves on their skills under the hood, especially when it comes to transmission issues. In fact, our shop is the first in Oklahoma to offer 100 percent transmission flush services, meaning we can perform a full system flush to make sure your vehicle is running at peak performance. We have been fixing and maintaining cars for five decades, and we will ensure that your vehicle keeps running for years to come.

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