Learn About Carburetors from this Vintage Film

Carburetors Most car nuts know that the carburetor is one of the most critical elements of any vehicle, but do you know how it works? Better yet, have you ever had it explained to you by a cartoon character?

Well here is your chance! Popular Mechanics recently highlighted a 1935 film, produced and presented to us by Jam Handy Productions, that teaches viewers about the inner workings of your basic carburetor. Legendary entertainment tycoon Henry Jamison “Jam” Handy fronted the Jam Handy team. Along with being an Olympic breaststroke swimmer and winner of a bronze metal, Jam was also responsible for many Chevrolet training videos, including several that assisted viewers with general maintenance and care tips of their vehicles.

In this particular video, we learn the basics of how the engine and carburetor work together to help your vehicle work smoothly, and it is all laid out through the eyes of an animated drop of gasoline.

The video starts at your local gas station where this fun little character comes to life. He leaves his home there to make his way into your vehicle. Once there, this bashful little drop of gasoline makes his way through the gas line, the pump and the carburetor before reaching his final destination in the engine.

Once in there, he learns how the needle valve allows gas into the carburetor with the help of the Venturi tubes, which allows the gas to mix with air before heading into the manifold, where the gasoline distributes evenly into the cylinders of the engine. While on his journey he also makes contact with a dirt blocking screen, the pistons and a few spark plugs.

It’s all good old-fashioned fun, but it still holds merit in 2016. So whether you are an amateur looking to learn how your car works, or you just want a fun little refresher, catch this animated tale and see how hard your carburetor works for you.

Of course, if you have a more serious problem with your automobile, a simple cartoon may not be enough to fix it. At Builders Transmission, we have decades of experience working on engines and can diagnose and repair your engine issues quickly and affordably. If your car or truck is out of luck, call our team today at 918-251-1792 and let us get you back on the road again!

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