Tips for Driving Safely on Slick Roads

It’s that time of the year when slick roads occur. It doesn’t matter who you are or how experienced (or inexperienced) a driver you deem yourself to be – accidents can easily occur when roads are wet, slick, flooded, icy or snowy.

Winter DrivingSo what’s there to think about when you’re faced with slick roads? Obviously there’s the choice to stay where you are and just not drive on them. But that’s not always an option, right?

If you’re really tired, have someone else drive you. Drivers need to be wide awake and fully aware when tackling slick roads.

Driving slower than the speed limit is a good idea when roads are slick. You’ll feel more confident and in control that way. You also give yourself more time to maneuver the vehicle as needed.

People’s first reaction when it feels like the car or truck is about to slide is to hit the brakes – bad idea! Instead, slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator and let the vehicle slide a little. Point the steering wheel straight ahead, shift into a lower gear, if possible, to give you more control, and head toward areas that may offer traction like snow-covered areas or spots with sand.

If and when you feel the need to use your brakes on slick roads, you can pump the brakes gently as you slide or skid. If you have ABS brakes, the vehicle will pump the brakes for you; simply steer the vehicle in the direction you’d like it to go.

Oklahoma winters can make driving a little more challenging than the rest of the year. Should you have an accident and need repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Builders Transmission.

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