Moving Back to School? Get A U-Haul!

Moving to CollegeWith the semester coming to an end in colleges across the country, many students will be taking their last exams and heading home for a short holiday break. However, when many come back they won’t be living where they were before. Things often change between semesters, including living situations. If you plan on moving to a new campus or an apartment or house off campus during winter break, you might need a U-Haul truck to get your belongings to your new home.

A common theme when it comes to moving – whether it be to a new off-campus home or a new home for your family – is that you never realize how much stuff you have until it needs to be moved. U-Haul trucks or trailers are quite large and available in a range of sizes to accommodate small moves or whole home relocations.

Being able to fit everything into a U-Haul allows you to move everything in one trip or fewer trips than if you were to just use your car. This would also save you money on any additional gas you would have to purchase for the trips as well.

U-Haul trucks also come equipped with dollies that can help you move larger items that you might not be able to transfer on your own. Do you have people helping you out? Many of our U-Hauls have seating capacity for three people, allowing you to all load up, drive to your destination and unload without needing to have a following car and spend extra money on gas or add extra miles to your vehicle.

Builders Transmission offers affordable U-Haul truck and trailer rentals in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. For more information on our services or to reserve a truck for your move, call us today at 918-215-1792.



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