Checking Your Tires

Check the tire pressure regularly – at least once a month. If you don’t have tire pressure gauge it’s really worth to buy it. You can find recommended tire pressure in the owner’s manual or on the tire pressure placard. The maximum pressure listed on tires is NOT the proper pressure! Refer to the owner’s manual.

Rotate tires at every second oil change – it will insure all tires wear equally. Feel vibration at cruising speed? – have your tires balanced. There is a safe limit of the tread wear. If the tire is worn below this limit it’s unsafe to drive. Refer to the result of mechanical inspection. Uneven tire wear indicates alignment problem.

Improper alignment causes increased tire and suspension components wear and poor handling. In worst case improper alignment may throw your car into a skid, especially on a wet road. If a car pulls aside, wanders or feels unstable on the road, have the alignment checked. Properly done alignment will make your car’s ride a lot more enjoyable.

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