Basic Facts About Automatic Transmissions

This offers a little information that applies to everyone about their car or truck.

  • The automatic transmission should be serviced at regular intervals, if maximum operational economy is to be realized.
  • Industry authorities recommend that the fluid and the filter (if it’s a “disposable type”) should be changed every 3 years or 36,000 miles- whichever comes first.
  • During the service- and FREE OF ADDITIONAL CHARGE– a 21 point transmission diagnostics that includes a scan for codes stored in the computer, road check, accompanied by an under-hood and under-car inspection to determine the condition of all drive line components and transmission accessories.
  • Automatic transmission fluid should be checked every 5,000 miles when the engine oil is changed, and its level, color, and smell noted.
  • Low fluid will literally always indicate a leak or a malfunction in the transmission, or its other related components.
  • LEAKING FLUID is often-times “your transmissions way of ‘yelling for help’.”
  • IF LEAKS ARE DETECTED, then you should have a trained technician at BUILDERS TRANSMISSION check it for FREE right away.
  • BE AWARE OF CHANGES IN DRIVING CHARACTERISTICS OF YOUR CAR – Late or early shifting, slipping- or noise of any kind, should be diagnosed immediately; both from the standpoint of ECONOMY, AND SAFETY!
  • Virtually always, the “quiet vehicle which “operates properly” is a safe vehicle. It costs you little or nothing to have a competent mechanic check your car, from time to time, to determine whether defects exist or the vehicle is roadworthy and safe.
  • EXCESSIVE HEAT is a major cause or premature transmission failure.
  • The vehicle’s cooling system should be checked regularly, and repair made without delay, if necessary.
  • Rocking a vehicle back and forth when stuck in ICE/SNOW OR MUD/SAND, will often have the transmission operating in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Should this occur, you are most certainly in for an immediate transmission failure or problem.
  • HEAVY LOADS will cause overheating, and reduce transmission life, tremendously.
  • Care should be taken NOT TO EXCEED THE VEHICLE MANUFACTURER’S recommendations for weight limits-loading-or trailering.
  • PROPER ENGINE TUNE-UP is extremely important to the life of the automatic transmission.
  • Some transmissions use engine vacuum to control shift quality and hydraulic pressure, and with the types which do – “engine tune” becomes even more critical.
  • EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR – are without a doubt your “best bet” when searching for minimized vehicle operating costs. Left unattended, small malfunctions can, and usually will, lead to serious, major repairs.

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