Coweta, OK Auto Mechanic - Repair & Maintenance Services

There is never a good time for your transmission or engine to go bad but sadly, it can happen at even the most inconvenient of times. When this occurs, many vehicle owners assume it spells doom for their car, not realizing that there are many instances where the problem can be fixed with a bit of repair. Builders Transmission & U-Haul and our auto repair mechanics serve Coweta, OK and have provided quality engine and transmission repair services for 50 years. We’ll get you back on the road faster, with less expense and less stress.


Engine Repairs

If you are looking for experienced Coweta, OK auto repair mechanics with decades of knowledge to back it up, look no further; Builders Transmission & U-Haul provides exactly that. Whether you have an American muscle car, exotic foreign sports car, luxury car or dependable vehicle you have loved for years, we have the tools and expertise necessary to perform just about any engine or transmission repair.


Transaxle and Transmission Repairs

You don’t have to go miles out of your way or search for days to find reliable, local experts to make transmission repairs. Builders Transmission & U-Haul has employed expert auto repair mechanics near Coweta, OK for 50 years with experience building, rebuilding and repairing transmissions quickly and efficiently.


Towing & Rentals

Transmission and engine maintenance is essential, and when these parts break down, it may leave you stuck on the side of the road. That is why we provide easy and convenient towing and rental services.

Contact Builders Transmission & U-Haul today to schedule an appointment or schedule a tow. You can also stop in the shop for a U-Haul rental or to get a quote.