Tulsa, OK Auto Mechanic - Repair & Maintenance Services

At Builders Transmission & U-Haul in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our auto repair mechanics specialize in transmission repairs. When your vehicle needs essential repairs, towing, or you need a bigger vehicle like a U-Haul to do the job, come to the experts. We have been the preferred Tulsa, Oklahoma auto repair mechanics and transmission repair experts since 1967, working hard to get you back up and running again fast.

Engine Repair

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. If your engine is damaged, you have a pretty big problem on your hands. However, this doesn’t always mean that your car’s lifespan is coming to an end. Sometimes, all it takes is an investment in a quality repair. Builders Transmission & U-Haul has the tools and expertise to do it.

Transmission and Transaxle Repair

Builders Transmission & U-Haul specializes in transmission repairs. While other shops may tinker for weeks and give you a long list of unnecessary work, our team works diligently to find the problem and give you an affordable repair as quickly as possible. That is what makes us the most trusted Tulsa, Oklahoma auto repair mechanics and transmission repair experts.

Towing and Rentals

If your engine, transmission or transaxle requires a repair, it often means that your car will no longer start. Whether it can’t leave the driveway or it has stalled in the middle of the road, we have towing services to bring you right to our shop, and rental cars that you can use while your repairs are being completed.


Whether you are moving down the street, across the country or you simply need a little extra room to transport large, heavy and newly-purchased items home, we have U-Haul rentals to suit your needs.

Learn more online or call Builders Transmission & U-Haul today to schedule an appointment or a rental.