Owasso, OK Auto Mechanic - Repair & Maintenance Services

When your engine, transmission, transaxle or another important part of your vehicle is not performing properly, schedule an appointment with an expert to get the best repairs. Builders Transmission & U-Haul employs experienced auto repair mechanics servicing Owasso, OK and specializes in engine and transmission repairs. If you need a fix, Builders Transmission & U-Haul will provide you with everything you need, with no confusion, hidden fees or inconvenience.

Transmission and Transaxle Repairs

Your transmission and transaxle are two of the most important and complicated components of your vehicle. If these parts are not in good health, you will notice it immediately. With repairs from specialized Owasso, OK auto repair mechanics, you won’t have to wait for weeks and deal with excessive costs. Our team knows what to look for and how to make transmission repairs fast and effectively.

Engine Repairs

Just as important as your transmission? The engine. Without the engine, your vehicle will not go anywhere and if it has overheated, a gear is loose, or a part has cracked, it may cause your vehicle to stall completely. However, it can be repaired. Bring it in to the Owasso, OK auto repair mechanics at Builders Transmission & U-Haul for complete, affordable and effective engine and transmission repairs.

Towing and U-Haul

If your car does stall, you have been in an accident or you find yourself stuck in your driveway, we provide towing services and vehicle rentals to help. If you are moving or simply need to move an object that is too big for your vehicle, we provide affordable rates on U-Haul rentals of all types.

Contact the expert Owasso, OK auto repair mechanics today and make an appointment for engine or transmission repairs, or call for towing services.