Catoosa, OK Auto Mechanic - Repair & Maintenance Services

Builders Transmission & U-Haul’s professional auto repair mechanics provide Catoosa, OK vehicle owners with fast and efficient engine and transmission repairs. We do it all and take care of every step, from engine and transmission repairs to car and U-Haul rentals and towing services.


Engine, Transaxle and Transmission Repairs

There are a variety of things that can happen to your engine, transaxle or transmission that can lead to a poorly or non-functioning vehicle. However, many issues can be fixable when brought to a seasoned and trustworthy professional. Our efficient techniques and their expertise will save you time and stress as your vehicle undergoes reliable, long-lasting repairs.


Towing and Vehicle Rental

Having your vehicle break down is a frustrating experience no matter where you are, but it is even more frustrating when it interrupts your hectic schedule. Our experienced Catoosa, OK auto repair mechanics will tow your car from the scene and work diligently to have it fixed and returned to you as soon as possible.


U-Haul Rental

Builders Transmission & U-Haul provides exceptional repair services and towing, as well as U-Haul rentals. Whether you are hauling equipment, relocating to a new home, or you are picking up or dropping off a large item, a U-Haul makes it easy.

Contact Builders Transmission & U-Haul today to schedule repairs or stop into the shop.